Dent Pro Parts List 
DPM1Dent pro Machine with Mobile Stand
DPT2Dent Pro Mobile Stand Unassembled
DP01Red Metal Housing incl. Handle
DP02Main Transformer
DP03Control Circuit Board Transformer
DP04Pulse Timer PC Board
DP05Solid State Relay
DP06Potentiometer with Knob
DP07LED Lights & Wire (set)
DP08On/Off Rocker Switch
DP09Circuit Board Cabling
DP11Red Power Cable Set (2m)
DP123 Core 1,5mm cable (4m)
DP132 Core 1,0 mm Cable (2,3m)
DP14aCrimping Lug (50-10)
DP14bCrimping Lug (50-8)
DP15Dent Pull Handle Assembly Complete
DP16Dent Pull Handle Only
DP17Aluminium Chassis for Dent Pull Handle
DP18Brass Component for Dent Pull Handle
DP19Trigger for Dent Pull Handle
DP20Micro Switch for Dent Pull Handle
DP21bPulling Pins (packet of 4)
DP22Copper Shrinking Tip
DP23Magnetic Earthing Assembly Complete
DP26Magnet Brass Centre
DP27Magnet Spring
DP28Earthing Clamp
DP29Dent Pull Lever Complete
DP34Cable Gland